Orthomedica was founded in 1927. The leading company in the field of prosthetics and …

OLI company is an extension of the Italian Orthomedica company, a leader in the field of prosthetics and rehabilitation of people with physical disabilities, as well as the production and distribution of orthopedic products upon request. What distinguishes the company is that it combines technology, comfort, innovation and efficiency in its products, and develops tools that better respond to each patient’s needs.

OLI Company was found in 1927 and has been in the business for more than 90 years. The company has been able to innovate and excel in orthopedics, thanks to the passion of all its employees. The results of this long work are important national and international successes, the trust of users and professionals, and the constant desire to grow and innovate.


Design and manufacture of lower and artificial limbs :The company provides customised both upper- and lower-extremity prostheses upon request using 3D modeling, as well as provides solutions tailored to the needs of each patient with maximum functionality, comfort and technology   More …

Research and Development | Specialisation and a constant desire to innovate have prompted Orthomedica to develop original solutions capable of interpreting therapeutic practices and orthopedics in a new and customary way as a result of the continuous development of methods and products, it is a series of exclusive patents. Based on technology, ease of use and great effectiveness in dealing with complex problems (such as hyperhidrosis, osteoporosis and spinal failure) make these products unique.

Our mission | is to manufacture and distribute health facilities with a high social impact, designed to improve the quality of patients’ life by promoting freedom of movement and a stable situation. We guarantee maximum safety levels and high-quality standards, as well as focusing on details leading to customized products. We always think about orthopedics in a new way.

Our Products | Our company has a wide range of unique products that you can check out on our products page.

Distribution | The company has opened its branch in Libya, specifically in Misrata city, to cover the requirements of the Libyan state in this field, so the company distributes its products throughout Libya, and can contact all its audience through e-mail or phone numbers.


Phone: 00218919920700    00218919920800

Email: info@oli-company.ly


Libya – Misrata, Sana Muhaidly Street.

Nearby Thawrat Alhijarah roundabout, Opposite to Rabaa Al Adawiya School.