• Design and manufacture of lower and artificial limbs | The company provides customised both upper- and lower-extremity prostheses upon request using 3D modeling, as well as provides solutions tailored to the needs of each patient with maximum functionality, comfort and technology.
  • Design and manufacture of suspenders and orthopedic braces.
  • Design and manufacture of bone spine statues | The department dealing with spinal diseases is one of the main departments of this company. The company has achieved success in this field as a result of the continuous modernisation in both techniques and production materials of statues, as well as measuring instruments and machines such as the 3D scanner and others.
  • Design and manufacture of orthopedic shoes and orthotics | Shoes and suits are made by taking measurements and filling a gypsum mold or in a negative plaster, or by engravings using a 3D scanner. All these solutions are the result of timely comparison with specialists and patients, to obtain a unique, comfortable and highly effective product.
  • Providing biomedical products.
  • Development, production and distribution of high-tech mobility tools |  We provide innovative solutions such as exterior structure and custom seats; products for daily and continuous use, such as wheelchairs, which are light, easy to use and resistible, to improve mobility.

Our mission | is to manufacture and distribute health facilities with a high social impact, designed to improve the quality of patients’ life by promoting freedom of movement and a stable situation. We guarantee maximum safety levels and high-quality standards, as well as focusing on details leading to customized products. We always think about orthopedics in a new way.

Our Products | Our company has a wide range of unique products that you can check out on our products page.